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I'm Jesh. 18 years old. Currently taking up BS Computer Science at UP Manila.
I love books and music. And food. I have a flair for the dramatic. I write poems and songs. Half-realist, half-hopeless romantic. Caffeine addict. Extroverted introvert. I'm weird like that.

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All Is Fair
15 July 2011 | 8:30 PM | 0 letters
Strength, I possess
Weakness? I guess
Confusing, indeed
But love is a sturdy seed

They say we’re strong
Two years and eight months long
What they see in their eyes
Come to me as no surprise

Deep inside, I know I’m weak
Am I strong enough to speak?
For though I want to, I can’t
Leave him? I’d rather rant

I’ve tried, and I’ve failed
I’ve tried, and I’ve failed
Why repeat the line?
Those deal with some issues of mine

I’m confused, as you might see
Two arguments divide me
Strong, yes I am
Weak, too, I am

Strong enough to pull through
Accept “sorry, I’ve hurt you”
Survive each passing day
I love him, come what may

Weak, leave him, I cannot
My heart starts to rot
Afraid to be alone
I cannot, on my own

Now I must conclude
This, I could
Strong; that is the love in me
Weak; that’s who I may be

Love is endless. Yes
I love him still, no less
Love; it grows stronger
I will love him longer, forever

Human, mortal, imperfect
Else, I was born with defect
I am capable of hurt
My feelings out, I cannot blurt

O yes, yes, love for him’ll last
It is still growing fast
Yet, I’m imperfect and human
Do, I love him more than anyone

I sit here and write
Thinking of his eyes, so bright
I realize I don’t care
As long as we’re together, all is fair

 When there was me and you.

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