In an attempt to be poetic.
I'm Jesh. 18 years old. Currently taking up BS Computer Science at UP Manila.
I love books and music. And food. I have a flair for the dramatic. I write poems and songs. Half-realist, half-hopeless romantic. Caffeine addict. Extroverted introvert. I'm weird like that.

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15 July 2011 | 8:21 PM | 0 letters
Glitter on her skin
Dark brown eyes
Luscious crimson red lips

Desire, anticipation
Lust disguised as love
Oh, really?

Every inch alluring
Stirring desire
Perfectly beautiful

Beauty is priceless
Cannot be measured
Undefined by words

She walks flawlessly
Every head turning
She glowing with pride

Every eye stares
Obviously envious
For who could equal her?

Spotlight centered on her
Paparazzi taking pictures
What more could she ask for?

Looks, diamonds, money
She has everything
But does it count?

When beauty fades
When the credits roll
When the money is gone

When they turn the lights off
When they stop cheering
When they all look away

Look in the mirror
Pretty, aren’t you?
Sure, you are

But beauty fades
Credits roll
Everything changes

Does it really matter?
Material things vanish
Where did all the glitter go?

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