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The Hourglass
15 July 2011 | 8:03 PM | 0 letters
            I stood in front of the hourglass, watching the grains of sand pass through its tiny center. I watched solemnly, knowing that my time as a MaScian is almost up.
            In just a few months, the four years will be over. I watched as the memories slowly, but vividly came alive in my head.
            First year- the start of everything. It was the start of a new chapter in my life, a new journey waiting to be fulfilled. It was, I’ll have to say, the hardest of the four. Everyone falls on his first step, my Physics teacher once told me. Yes, first year was the stage in which I kept falling. But what’s great about falling is that it forces you to get up. I was lucky because most of the time, someone was there to help me get up: teachers, strangers, but mostly friends. These teachers soon became mentors, strangers soon became friends, and friends became best friends. But there’s a lot more to late nights and heavy bags during this school year. First year, I believe, will always be the most memorable. Why? Because first year taught me how important friends are in surviving high school. Yes, these friends have stayed with me throughout my three years in MaSci. This year helped me gain the survival instincts I needed. Without 1st year, how would I ever reach 4th year?

            A tear streamed down my cheek. I miss first you so much. But nothing lasts forever, right? Besides, life won’t wait. Second year had to happen.

            If there was such a thing as an easy year in MaSci, that’d be second year. 2nd year granted all the sleep I wanted to have. Not because of the subjects, but because of the schedule. Oh, will I ever have the pleasure of going home at as early as 4pm again? I guess not. But don’t get me wrong, 2nd year has been a crazy ride, the craziest. Who would ever think that Intermediate Algebra, together with Geometry is easy? Sad to say, 2nd year left me with not much memories.  It passed by so quickly that it hardly even touched me. Nevertheless, it gave me events to remember and lessons to learn. They might have been few, but they sure are priceless. The best thing about 2nd year? It proved to me that I could not only survive one year, but two.

            I stroked the thin glass. It was so thin, so fragile that it might break if I held it any tighter. As the sand cascaded downwards, my thoughts drifted to one of my favorite years, third year.

            People used to tell me that 3rd year is the most exciting year in high school. I thought that MaSci, being a science high school, would not be able to give me the same experiences students in private schools had. I wasn’t wrong. Why? Because MaSci provided more than that. Never had I had more assignments than the number of assignments I had during this year. This year was the most tiring and challenging of the three. Can you imagine 12 hours in school? I don’t need to because I actually went through it. My section was very lucky because we only had to go home by 7 once a week. I don’t think it made 3rd year any less exhausting, though. Still, 3rd year was great. Old friendships have grown stronger, new friendships have been established. 3rd year was probably the most critical point in high school. It has brought the most difficulties and the sweetest moments. Third year was a blast, a blast you work for, which makes it even more fulfilling. 3rd year is that one big leap you make, that step that says “almost there.” It might have been hard, but it was very much worth it. Besides, who can forget their 1st JS Prom?

            Pouring, the sand is pouring. Like the tears falling from my eyes. Three years have passed. Who knew I would even be able to come this far? Three years ago, I hated this school. Three years ago, I wanted to leave. Because three years ago, I wasn’t the person this school taught me to be. MaSci has taught me to be brave. It taught me not to fear the challenges ahead. It made me stronger through the obstacles and tasks it made me go through. It has gifted me with knowledge; lessons that only MaSci can teach. Best of all, it has brought me friends; friends that have stayed and will stay – forever.
            MaSci has made me the person I never thought I would be – in a good way, of course. It has brought me up and helped me mature in the best way possible; from a little girl to a young lady ready to face the world ahead of me.
            My heart aches as I caress this hourglass. For a second, I am tempted to throw it away, to keep it out of sight because it reminded me that high school was almost over. It reminded me of the limited time I have.
            But calmly, I placed it where it should be. I made a few steps back and watched it from afar. The sand was still falling, of course. That, I cannot stop. I wiped my tears. I watched it gratefully before turning my back on it. Less than a year, that’s all I have. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, neither will it stop for me. The hour glass will be there to stay. The sand will keep falling. Less than a year to finish my journey, I’ll have to be content with that. I’ll just take it as it is and make the most out of it.
            From now on, I won’t see the hourglass as a reminder of the limited time waiting to be finished, but as a reminder that many great things have happened during my first three years in MaSci.

I originally made this for my literary section in Manila Science High School's newspaper, The Nucleus. I just decided to write it one night. This is where I poured out how I felt about being a senior with only a few months before graduation.

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