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Just Another Rainy Day
16 July 2011 | 9:24 AM | 0 letters
Lightning struck and the roaring of thunder boomed from one end of a corridor to another and sent the glass windows vibrating.
                Rain! It hasn’t been long since it last poured and here it was again. Streaks of lightning shot across the sky and the dark gray clouds hovered over the school.
                It was late in June, which means rain wasn’t uncommon but it never failed to make one girl’s day. That girl was Claire.
                Claire has loved the rain for as long as she can remember. Each time she played in the rain, she felt as if she were the happiest person on earth. She didn’t care if she woke up the next morning with a high fever. She simply loved the rain – enough said.
                She rushed towards the nearest window and stared outside. Every detail of it delighted her; the raindrops, the puddles on the concrete, the sound of rain against the roof – everything!
                All was perfect when Claire heard her classmates’ worrisome whispers. “I don’t have an umbrella.” “How will I get home?” Oh, how she hated their complaints! Why couldn’t they appreciate the magic of the pouring rain even just for a second? Besides, if classes get suspended, they’d tear their hearts out in joy, wouldn’t they? She clicked her tongue and stared at the window once more.
                The rain was getting lighter and Claire could see a trace of sunlight peeking through the clouds. She immediately ran out of the classroom and headed for the school garden. She was very determined to play in the rain for just a few minutes before it stops. It would definitely be lovely to feel the rain while enjoying the flowers that surrounded her.
                Her heart sang as it beat faster with every step she took.
                But the moment she set her foot on the wet grass the rain had already stopped. Her heart sank as she slowly made her way back to the classroom.
                The sun shone brightly. Hopes of suspensions and playing in the rain have been set aside.
                The rain may have stopped but her thoughts went with it. As a rainbow slowly appeared in the blue sky, her teacher once again interrupted her thoughts with her famous line: “Get one whole sheet of paper. Write your name and section. Number one...”

This was supposed to be my legwork for journalism. I was asked to write about the heavy rain that was pouring that day. Being the literary editor, I was asked to write a literary whatever about it. This eventually made its way to the literary section of The Nucleus.

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