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29 October 2011 | 7:11 AM | 0 letters

This girl with me is Danica Kaye Fojas Ballesteros. I've known her since last year.
When I first met her last year (she was my classmate), I have to admit that I was a bit afraid of her. I remember one time during Advanced Biology and Research when my paper fell and I asked her to hand it to me but she just stared at me. Haha. So as I was saying, she scared me a little. Not only me, but our other classmates as well. She's what we call in Filipino as "mataray."
We were confused by some of our classmates because of our hair and skin tone, but we weren't very close. We were friends, then. But not close.
During the last days of our 3rd year life, we used to go out with our other classmates to play DotA. Among the girls (and boys) whom I've played DotA with, Dankaye is the most memorable. Why? Because she was the only one who literally shook the CPU and stomped her feet on the floor along with whines of "Ano ba yaaaaan!" simply because her computer restarted. This wasn't something that annoyed me. In fact, it amused me. I even mentioned it in my recollection letter for her last year. But there's more to her than just throwing tantrums every time she doesn't get her way.
When the report cards were released on the last day of school last school year, I was happy to know that most of my classmates during 3rd year would also be my classmates during 4th year. Dankaye was one of them. I even remember her saying "Ano ba yan. Puro kpop fan mga kasama ko." And it was true. I'm not a kpop fan though. ;)
During the start of the school year, me and my classmates from last year stuck together. Even if it's almost third quarter, you can still see us hanging out together. Of course there are some times when we choose to go with the other groups, but most of the time, I stick with my former classmates. Ah, I miss you, III - Linnaeus. :(
I have to admit that when I was still in third year, I never imagined myself being close with Dankaye. Maybe some things don't really have to be imagined. Often times, things just happen. And when it does, well, great.
Dankaye and I pretty much stuck together during 4th year. We sit together in class (particularly in English, I sit in such a way that our teacher won't catch her sleeping hahaha), we help each other with our schoolwork, we eat together (along with our other classmates, of course), we take pictures together (the number of photos we've taken together is much more than what you can see above this post), and we tell stories endlessly.
I remember teasing Dankaye during our 3rd year that she was vain, and she would tease me the same. It's fun to know that our "hidden" vanity has merged. It's better to look at two people taking photos than just one, right? =))
Everything has flaws. That includes our friendship. Though we often get along very well, we also fight. Which is not a good thing, because we're both pretty much war freaks. But other than that, we get along very well. It's nice to have someone to put up with your every kalokohan and still love you for it. Haha.
Dankaye is a sister to me. We could pass for sisters, literally. We even wore the same outfit on foundation day. Haha. So, there. We're close. And even if she annoys me a lot sometimes, I still love her. And no one can replace her. Haha. We're together every. single. day. during school days. It's as if something's missing when she's absent. Well, of course there's something missing. Ah, you know what I mean. ;)
Soooo, there. I just wanted to make an entry about her. And I really really adoooore the picture. :)

Sorry di kita nareplyan kagabi. Tulog na ko nun eh. Haha. =))

Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

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