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I'm Jesh. 18 years old. Currently taking up BS Computer Science at UP Manila.
I love books and music. And food. I have a flair for the dramatic. I write poems and songs. Half-realist, half-hopeless romantic. Caffeine addict. Extroverted introvert. I'm weird like that.

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Sembreak is finally here!
27 October 2011 | 7:06 AM | 0 letters
After days of sleep deprivation and endless stress, sembreak is finally here!
Of course since it's vacation, I'm back here at home - Los Banos. I'll be staying here until November 1 and I really want to make the most out of it. I only get to stay here every three months at most (but I guess my next stay here won't be that far away since christmas vacation is just around the corner). So, here's a list of what I plan to do:

I really son't like making lists of what I'm supposed to do because often times, I don't get to follow them. But the list above is kinda easy so it probably won't be hard to follow.
I realized that I haven't been blogging for a long time and that when I do, I don't blog regularly. I really want to change this. From now on, I'm gonna start updating my blog more. That's a promise. I don't care if no one gets to read this. One day I'm gonna visit this blog again and see all the ridiculous stuff I've been posting. That would be a good laugh.

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