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Temporary Madness
28 October 2011 | 2:15 PM | 0 letters
I was listening to Urbandub's A Call To Arms awhile ago. I've loved the song since the first time I heard it. I especially love this line, though:
There's no point to keep your head face down when all we see and know and hear is temporary.
While listening to the song, I realized that this line is perfect for my situation. Actually, I think that it's perfect for every situation. Everything in this world is temporary and nothing lasts forever. The pain, the challenges - everything. It's all temporary. I may be down at this point, I may be confused or depressed, but I realized that this is all temporary. After some time, this will all be over and I'll be moving on to the next chapter of my life.
Often times, we know the answers to our questions but we tend to forget them. We know the solutions to our problems but we're too bothered to recall them. In my case, this song from Urbandub made me realize that there's more to life than what I'm experiencing right now. Sure, it may be hard. But before I know it, it will be all over. I just have to wait.
I might actually be able to use the lyrics for what I'm going to share next week. Every week, we have a sharer during English. I'm next and I'm thinking about sharing what I've been experiencing for the past four years, how I've struggled through the many changes that living in Manila and studying in MaSci brought me. Things like that. I'm also planning on posting what I'm about to share here. But for now, I'll be ending this post.
Thank you for reading. :)

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