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22 December 2011 | 5:03 PM | 0 letters
It's been how long? since I last updated and I have toooooooons and tons of stuff to talk about. It's a shame I'm not really in the mood to type today.

Where do I begin?

Faraday is family.
This statement is something that's in between sarcasm and sincerity. But lately, the sarcasm part is (if not completely,) slowly fading. I guess I started to reaalllyy love Faraday was last last (?) Friday. We were supposed to practice for the Carol Fest but just a few of us came so we ended up hanging out at Robinson's. We ate at Karate Kid and went crazy at Rock Band after that. 
It was not much of start since we were what? 9? Two of my classmates came afterwards so we became 11. Not much of start, but still, a start. We had sooooo much fun which lead to all our GMs having "Faraday is family" or simply "Faraday."
Carol Fest.
It was fun. We had the best costumes, right? ;)
Payapang Daigdig was great. Sumabit nga lang sa Feliz.  But as far as I know, none of us felt bad about not winning. Our goal for the Carol Fest was not really to win but for our section to be united. And guess what?
Yup, we're finally united. Of course there will still be some who refuse to join the fun but that's something you really can't avoid. As for the majority, we are a family. Besides, we don't really care about the prize. We're very happy for the winner(s?). We may not have won but it's okay since almost everyone was saying that we should've won instead of hihihi. It's better to not win the prize yet get to win the people's hearts, right? I'm not bitter or anything, really. Of course it would be better if we won, but it's okay. It never was our goal, anyway.
Christmas Party.
Hihi. :>>

I have to admit that the Christmas Party wasn't much of a party at all since a lot of people came late and we had to wait for them to start. The food was good, though. :bd
I got Nicholas Sparks' A Bend In The Road. Yeeepeeee!
There's really nothing much to talk about here. Haha. Oh, Dk and I had matching outfits (again.)
I was too lazy to find a picture of only the two of us so I just used this photo. 
I wasn't able to go with Faraday after the party since Jacob and I decided to have a date. (Ayeeee :"""">)
I gave him the notebook and the two books he requested, and I got the headphones I wanted. :D
I went home to Laguna after that. I got to Los Banos at around 9pm. My mom and sister met me outside then we went home. It was fun, really. And I'm not sarcastic. :))

The Wedding.

Since Ranze was really annoying, I ended up singing solo. Of course The Gift would sound ridiculous, so I just sang From This Moment On and Your Love. I really didn't need to practice cause I've been singing From This Moment On since forever (not bragging though) and I've already sung Your Love at my teacher's wedding two years ago. 
I was actually a bit nervous since my throat was really itchy. Thankfully, I managed to pull it off. It really feels great since singing at a wedding is quite a reason to be pressured. It's the day the couple will remember forever and I can't just sing like I'm singing at a karaoke bar. The bride was really nice and even thanked me for singing.
In case I don't find a job, I'm definitely gonna be a wedding singer. =))))))

Yeah, I know. It's pink overload. But it's their wedding, right?

It sure doesn't feel like vacation to me! What exactly have I done this vacation?
  1. A Bend In The Road
  2. The Hunger Games
  3. The Despicable Guy
  4. Flipped

Is that all? Well, I guess all I really did was to read. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Anyway, we're going to Manila this Christmas. We're gonna spend Christmas Eve at the hotel where my Aunt works. I'm looking forward to it since it's been ages since I last celebrated Christmas away from Los Banos and ages since we last booked in a hotel. Oh, and I'm very much looking forward to the foooooooood~

Jacob's 16th.
He looks quite young for a 16 year old, don't ya think? Nahhh, just kidding. I know it's really late, but happy birthday. :)
I think I've said all I wanted to say so I'm not gonna say much. I just wanna say thank you. Thank you cause the best thing is now 16 years old. =)) Yeeeeeeeeee :""">

I am really tired of typing. -___-
That's all, I guess. :D Be updating laterrr or tomorrow or Idrk. :))

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