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20 Reasons Why Being Single Is A Good Thing
05 November 2012 | 2:48 PM | 0 letters
[Yes, I know. After about 5 months of posting nothing, I decide to post something about being single. Wow, right. What happened last 5 months? There's actually not much to talk about. DepEx. Hell week. Those words, they might as well sum up my whole first sem. I gained beautiful friends, by the way. Anyway, so why this post? Well, we sort of broke up. Which is quite weird if you think about it because we were never committed in the first place. Anyway, we decided to end the relationship. I'm not bitter at all. What's funny is that I still remember when and where our relationship's turning point happened. But I'll probably talk about it some other time. So as I was crying my heart out, I suddenly thought "Hey, being single is not that bad after all." And since I've really been planning to update this blog this sembreak (which is about to end), I decided to post 20 reasons why being single is a good thing. If I can do this post, then I'll survive being single. (Not that I really need this post to survive.) Anyway, here it goes.]

  1. I can focus on my studies.
  2. I'll have more time for my friends.
  3. I can focus more on other people.
  4. It's proof that I can survive without a guy.
  5. I can use this time to love myself more.
  6. I can ride the LRT with my friends everyday.
  7. I can dress up the way I want.
  8. I can have crushes without feeling guilty about it.
  9. I can rearrange my priorities.
  10. I can save money!
  11. I can use this time to fake depression and crave sweets.
  12. I can use this time to prepare myself for my next relationship.
  13. I can analyze what went wrong in my last relationship and do something to prevent it.
  14. I can make up for whatever relationship I risked because of my previous intimate relationship.
  15. I can do things without worrying about what another person will think.
  16. I can have more me time.
  17. Less heartaches.
  18. Less drama.
  19. I can make lists like this without worrying about what someone will think of it.
  20. Freedom is mine.
It hurts. Oh yes, it does. But as a friend of mine said, "Everything has its perks." You just have to get used to them. (:

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