In an attempt to be poetic.
I'm Jesh. 18 years old. Currently taking up BS Computer Science at UP Manila.
I love books and music. And food. I have a flair for the dramatic. I write poems and songs. Half-realist, half-hopeless romantic. Caffeine addict. Extroverted introvert. I'm weird like that.

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A Half and Three
15 July 2011 | 8:58 PM | 0 letters
Should I stay or should I go?
Should I wait or is it a no?
When everything you have is lost
And you'll pay at any cost

After all these years
And all the bitter tears
You're still the one I'm after
I still wanna hear your laughter

Should I stay and try to wait?
And try to hope that fate
Will bring us back together
And that love will stay forever?

Should I go because it's a no
Even if I still love you so?
And forget all about the past
Accept that it was never meant to last

But how can I decide
When I still feel for you inside?
When I love you still
And wait for you I will

I guess I will, I will wait
And just trust in fate
That she may bring you back to me
And there'll be more years than a half and three

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