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I'm Jesh. 18 years old. Currently taking up BS Computer Science at UP Manila.
I love books and music. And food. I have a flair for the dramatic. I write poems and songs. Half-realist, half-hopeless romantic. Caffeine addict. Extroverted introvert. I'm weird like that.

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I wrote a song.
07 June 2014 | 11:24 PM | 0 letters
Today, at around 3:50am, I decided that I wanted to make a song. Well, it's supposed to be a song. It doesn't have a melody yet. But it goes like this:

How long does it take to be alright?
(Cause you know I'm all alone tonight)
How long does it take for the sun to shine?
(If only I could call you mine)
How long does it take till I call you mine again?
(So please don't let this be the end)

Crumpled up letters fill my room
All over the floor
I wrote in gloom

Bloodshot eyes stare back at me
Oh darling if you could only see
How much you mean to me

And I know you said you aren't coming back
But I can't see this spark is burning out
No at least not yet
So maybe you can tell me


And I write these words with my shaky hands
Not sure if this is a poem
Cause I can't think of a melody yet
My life has been so empty since you left

Yeah I know that you probably won't care
But at this point I'm no longer scared
I'm used to this pain so it's okay
I've felt this way since the very first day


Yeah I know I can't pretend
You're no longer mine
And I just wish that you'd be mine
Mine again


You know I'd still be true
(You know it's true)
And you know it's always been you
(You know it's you)
And you know I love you, too

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